Git, GitHub, and RStudio – Part 3: Remote repositories

The last post covered details on how to install Git.

In this post we will introduce GitHub and show how to use RStudio together with Git and GitHub.

What is GitHub?

In the last few posts we have talked about the many benefits of using version control software, and covered the basics of installing and using Git.  By using the Git software, and frequently ‘committing’ your changes to your Git repository (together with descriptive comments of course!) you have a series of snapshots tracking the development of your code.  Reverting back to a past version of your code is a simple matter of a few commands in Git, and all your hard work is safe forever from accidental loss or overwrite.

Or is it?

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Git, GitHub, and RStudio – Part 2: Installing Git

In the last post we gave a brief overview of the benefits of Version Control software, and provided a short description of some of the different software packages that are available.  We concluded by introducing our version control software of choice: Git.

In this post we will cover how to install and get started using Git.  This short tutorial will only cover installing and using Git on a Windows OS (Windows 8.1).  Installation on earlier versions of Windows may differ slightly in the details, although I assume most of the key features have not changed.  Details on other operating systems may be added later.

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Git, GitHub, and RStudio – Part 1: Version Control

At the first MURUG meeting of 2015, Ellen gave a great presentation on the many virtues of using the version control and code sharing software packages: Git and GitHub.

MURUG has its own GitHub account where the R scripts, data, and other useful material from the MURUG workshops can be accessed.  Sharing code is an important part of the collaboration process, and I’m certain that we can all benefit from using version control software to better manage our code.  We strongly encourage  MURUG members to become acquainted with GitHub and use this fantastic and free tool to share code and develop collaborations.

Like any new software, getting started with GitHub can be a bit overwhelming and challenging.  In this series of posts we hope to make that process a little easier by providing some additional information, and a step-by-step guide to getting started with Git, GitHub and RStudio.

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Getting started with R

So you’ve decided to begin using R, but you don’t know where to… well… actually start.

Fear not! Although it may look intimidating at first, many others have navigated this path before you (and most survived).  Thankfully, there is a huge amount of free material available to assist you moving from a R newbie to a R master in no time at all!

We’ve collected a bunch of references and links to help you get started.

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Debrief of Meeting #1

Hi MURUGers!

Last week’s first meeting was a hit (if I do say so myself)!
Big thanks to Adrian Hordyk, Jenny Smith and Ellen Boylen for organizing and presenting. The pizza went down a treat.

Here is a quick debrief of the first meeting:

  • Our next meeting will be on 16-Apr in the Senate Conference Room & we will be covering Data exploration
  • We have an updated schedule – but we need more volunteers! Please feel free to put your hand up to present – you don’t have to be an expert!
  • We are seeking further sponsorship! Let us know if you know of anything to help us out. Pizza doesn’t grow on trees!
  • GitHub – what we’re going to use for code and data sharing
  • Please work on the data exploration code and squid data for the next meeting
 MURUG Timeline for 2015
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We’ve been sponsored!

That’s right guys, we have been sponsored by Revolution Analytics!

This is a great honour! We have been given funds and a care package is on the way for all you MURUG-ers. The funds will be used to buy pizza for the first meeting on the 19th March 🙂

Stay tuned!

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How good are you with R?

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