Welcome to the Murdoch University  R User Group (MURUG)!

Established in late 2013, MURUG aims to connect researchers at Murdoch University that work with the open-source statistical programming software R.

MURUG  is currently mainly comprised of biologists and ecologists from the School of Veterinary and Life Sciences at Murdoch University.  However, the group is open any R users at the university, as well as any R users from the wider community.

We hold regular meetings where MURUG members and special guests give presentations on their favourite R packages, share new tips and tricks, and discuss and explore the exciting world of statistics.

Details for the next meeting will be added to the site.  Please contact us for more information or if you would like to join MURUG!



Who are the faces behind MURUG?

Adrian Hordyk:

Jennifer Smith:

Ellen Boylen

Ellen Boylen, diving in the Abrolhos Islands (WA) August 2014

Ellen Boylen, diving in the Abrolhos Islands (WA) August 2014

Ellen graduated a Bachelor of Science in Marine Science, with minors in Applied Statisitcs and Fisheries Science, from Murdoch University in 2013. She is currently undertaking an honours degree at Murdoch University under the supervision of Dr Peter Coulson, Dr Ian Potter and Dr Norm Hall.

Ellen has been using R for analyses since 2012, and has converted many peers to do the same.

Favourite package: ggplot2
Contact: emboylen@gmail.com

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